Stop it Folks…

Stop lying to our children, folks. It furthers a mysterious rumor that the spirit of America is warped or uncorrupt.

My daughter, asked me who brings her gifts each Christmas. I said Santa. She said how can he do that? I told her just as the story at school and church playfully indicates.

Ok sweetie, I said. No Daddy, the story says he breaks into everyone’s home at night, steals food, and leaves ashes…sometimes.

Right sugar. What’s your concern?

Well, we live in an apartment. So, we don’t have a fireplace or chimney. How is he gonna get in?…πŸ‘

Stop lying to our children. A much deeper lesson to teach them is if you ever own a hotel, and two weary travelers approach, with child, in labor…

Do not let the mammon of Monetary gain cloud your soul from compassion. Take the loss of money in trade for the acceptance of a healthy new life. And by all that is Holy, don’t give them a rat infested, dung smelling manger to die in after the delivery! I mean, Β the Owner was a cheap DICK!

The Fact that the baby was Our reported Lord and Savior, really shouldn’t even matter. Do the right thing….

It’s only called a “Lie-brary”, because it houses a far wider selection of FICTION….

And um, have we found those pesky weapons of mass destruction yet? Maybe we should look in Russia!πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ


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