The Joint Custody of Life…

CHANGE!! We shout it from the rafters, yet, do we truly grasp the necessity of its indications?

Other than Carter, Clinton, and Obama, so far, I’ve written in the same Candidate each election opportunity….or I don’t vote. That person is George Lucas. Racist, I don’t know, but outside of God and Family, only Star Wars matters. The cohesion of imagery and parallels to both the Bible, and Societal Governing, is immeasurable, with its immersed truthful and timeless focus.

As a black man who has seen the political flames of deceit, Trump was actually the correct choice. America is a business. We know more about Gay marriage, Slavery, and the Holocaust (an occurrence not even on American soil), than what is going on with the financial state within the matricized facades of freedom.

Lincoln didn’t love blacks, despite the rumors of his own blood, but he was Republican. If black people want change toward real freedom we must become Republican and prepare to fight for the first time…as a unit, with our heritage of African descendants across the globe. Earn a few black faces on the currency and bring black businesses, doctors, teachers, back, ironically, into a new and improved black living condition. This is the time.

Otherwise, we can let Hillary, Bill, and whomever else that realizes the lucrative implications of genocidal control and rules of detainment, keep babysitting us, and allowing us to often become rappers and athletes, instead of Kings and leaders.

Obama kept peace and assisted in world healing rather boldly and selflessly, I thought. Clintons and Bushes are known to make the Podium of the Presidency a platform to see their office as an international grab bag of currency, history, life manipulation, and simply a shot to make all the money that can possibly be made for themselves and their family posterity which is not something to blame for, once the true objectives of greed and omniscient Political grandeur among old money Reverence surfaces.

Think, how many literal soldiers arms and legs have been lost in war recently?  Wars initiated? 911?Katrina?  Significant American Continent-based businesses bailed out, and insurance called Obamacare when it’s a Black Leader Issue, yet, called, The Affordable Care Act, when it’s preferred.

Ok, we send our Republicans out to murder and steal, usually from Brown people’s lands and pockets, where they aren’t exactly making healthy, ” suicide bomb”, related Poppy-based decisions. But our Democrats use policy with strength to savvy up the apologies for the “Booties”, we’ve obtained.

But, I think we forget that, the force, the Godliness and ethical Bedlam that hinders the salvation of us all, has two sides.

See, Everything is made from opposites. Up down, right left, in out, and each side possesses the natural right to equal billing. This is why we search for equality.

Change may not guarantee the existence of new circumstances, it never chooses which side to support as upon the coveted eyes of her, Lady Justice…

Therefore in times of peace, Evil,  deserves an equal playing field and as we satisfy equality of the force we need to be alert as to which force is on the rise to accomplish  homeostasis. It may simply be Darth Vader’s turn…

So, Representative Darkness, has a claim and a right to the figurative Joint Custody of every schematic, Triumph, Lie, Truth, and Conjuring, we as Humans and Nubians, create.

This is “Simple Truth”, not to be feared. However, subjective Evil, shall have its day, and appears usually, to serve as the lessons we develop and transform from during. Also, symbolic carbon-based errors provide broader horizons and foster compassion development through the desire to succeed in a Morees-laced society.

Let no one steal your Joy! Remember, God is the Judge, Satan is the Prosecutor, and Jesus, is our Attorney, in whom we should trust, believe in, depend on, and speak to the Judge through…

Keep Smiling. Allah has joy you haven’t signed for yet…👍🏾😇🌎🍀💯


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