My Position on Disposition…๐ŸŒน

I often thought to myself growing up that the greatest part of life…is laughing. There are days when I go as far as to believe that even Cancer, yes, the big “C”, cowers in comparison to the literal blessings that joy and folly can create.

Richard Pryor used to say that comedy was the key to saving your biscuits in jail. Well, I did 3 years, away from my children, missing the clouds and subsistable waters.

As a rogue Theologist of sorts, it seems to me, that Science and Mathematics are the languages and addictions of Allah. In school, science and math are the only true Universal courses, because the remaining disciplines are just that, discipline tactics. Teaching us the hierarchical structure accepted in America. Hence the ole’ field trips to plantations in grammar school. Remember, laws can never be unproven, anything else is a rule a la “His-story” class.

I used to be whisked off to a gifted and talented school for part of the week in order not to repay to others what was valid and what was fiction. My father used to say, “We only call it a “Lie-brary”, because of its disproportionate preference toward fictional offerings.

The Universe is rhythmical, as we dwell within a God-like or figurative likeness. Music is one of the rewards of realizing the inevitability of mortality being blended with a conscribed system of activities and presences abound.

The heart beats like a metronome, and the tunes, unbeknownst to us generally, can accomplish frets of communication, joy, focus, talent, emotion, etc…

Therefore, when we say we desire peace, we are literally saying that there is a craving for balance, harmony, and rhythm within our souls. The sun represents the leadership from the soul (El Sol), adding the warmth and connection between God and Man, hence a wicked witch’s “titty” ย being so cold…

Ask any early Cancer survivor if the “Patch Adams” style of healing is phenomenal, and more importantly, tangible as a catalyst for undiscovered medical procedure.

Peace and Harmony are sisters in a bold masculine existence, and do not play a muscular role in problem solving internationally, especially once their cousin, figurative and literal political dishonesty shows her ugly head.

I’ve always said, two things people will always do are have sex, and laugh. So, I’ve become a satirist, Podcast Host, writer of an Autobiographical and Empirical Tragedy, and thought provoker, because of the rhythm in my soul. It’s created an inner peace and joy which can only be described as “Groovy!”…๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ


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