It’s only a Game!…🇺🇸

When the objective of a sport is to hurt another player intentionally, even if within the rules, we can no longer call it a game. The NFL is on the fence. I’m putting them on official notice.

Injuries halted my career, my father’s career, your career, your father’s career, etc…

But, the lessons taught, the obstacles overcome, the camaraderie,  etc. All positive…

Sports are an extension of a Country’s attitude. Soccer is a world power in and of itself, but with no shoulder pads or helmet, we tend to call it a “sissy sport”,  or a “garden for kickers.” Yet, it is soccer stadiums all over the world where fans and participants are killed and murdered annually. One team per entire Nation always meets the minimal standards required to be categorized as a Political Arm. Victory in battle is simulated through the sports arena like “Madden 2017” will represent itself to us this Xmas.

But, in the US, our  Country is so divided, we have states that behave like Countries? Hello Texas, how are we today?! A story for another rant…

But, the NFL does actually own a day of the week, Sunday, above the Church.  So, that being said, only the US plays such a barbaric sport.

Ok, no more Dodgeball in schools, and Cyber Bullying goes hand in hand with gay marriage and special restrooms for 3rd grade Trannies…I think. I don’t know anymore. I’m heterosexual myself, but I feel like we are the ones in the closet now. Women walk past construction workers today and instead of complimenting their tush, they trade baking recipes. I saw so much Pink in the NFL the other day, I noticed the beer commercials were sponsored by Duncan Hines! Stop snapping, here’s a tissue..

But, people don’t know football’s beginnings. Firstly, soccer is the sport and football is a stolen off-chute idea. Like fighting Indians and then creating archery. Or beginning Model -T Mass Production Assembly lines, without noticing that the actual car was invented by a Negro. The “Monkey Wrench” story  beginning hurts, too…

The only reason we call it Foot Ball, as we rarely kick it, is the fact that the King’s foot was 12″, a foot, so a soccer ball was stretched to 12″. Football is a game of inches, measurements, first downs, distances, etc., anyway. And the great ones know this.

Joe Montana told me once, “You’ll never go broke taking a profit.” He was saying don’t go deep with every pass play, just move the chains. A field only has 10 possible chain progressions per drive. You’ll always be in the end zone with patience. Then you can pick your long shots based upon numerical complacency. He took the measuring concept and created an entire philosophy. Lou Holtz is a Master of these teaching aspects.

I’m seeing dirty play now though. Nothing of ill will should be called a Game. Greg Williams caught the ruse like Martha Stewart, but like her, he was just a component. Under the pile ups, these guys twist ankles, spit upon one another, destroy careers based upon drug use and obsessive aggression, and it needs to be cleaned up!

See, allowing it enables clowns to harm children through Little League. Don’t let your children play football too early.  They will injure a growth plate, burnout early, develop anger issues, fear responses, desires for pain, and jealousy within failures. It’s stupid.  It’s a Man’s battle. They don’t let college freshman go pro, for maturity issues, yet our children are running head first into welded equipment in helmets twice their size.

I mean some things  are a given like don’t let you kids stay at Michael Jackson’s house, or allow Mike Tyson to babysit your kids, send your son on a Catholic retreat, or send your daughter practically anywhere nowadays…

Football was created at a Mental Asylum. Because its inceptors couldn’t find anyone else that would run full speed and smash their face into someone else. Who by the way is running back at them full speed. And with no helmets or  meat helmets, as protection, we talk about concussions today?…

Boxing was 33 round Bouts back then. Real men, real gridiron, no money, and all elderly coaches today, even Lou Holtz, lost teeth in the sport of early football.

And as a QB, I secretly wish toasting my knuckles underneath of another man’s nuts all afternoon is highly in question along with the Roman necessity for group showers.

But, having the intention of purposely maiming a member of the other squad is no longer a Game and like Catholic Priests when they say “…On no page of any Catholic Guide Manual does it say that they cannot molest boys,” Football doesn’t say that intentions are punishable unless it’s so dirty it’s too late.  15 yards versus walking with your children at the park is worth fighting over every time. I mean Ray Rice assaulted his wife on film and the local police left the decision of accountability and punishment up to the NFL commissioner. Assault is a matter for local police, not some “Holier than Thou” sports Representative. Common sense really!


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