…Now, as far as The White House…

Ok, now, as far as the White House is concerned. Yes, our Country History is distorted, lied about, demonic, yet provides the inalienable rights which are constitutionally preserved regardless of being accused, guilty, having stipulations of race, or  sex.  Unless you are in a “Good Ole Boy” courtroom, or accused of being a figure of interest in an uncovered  terrorist plot, the figurative “Trump” can be whatever He/She chooses to be.

But, there are some things that I’ve noticed that are subliminal that exist to keep a specific hierarchical establishment, and through travel, my third eye is opening up and I can see various examples of belittling races along with the wayward, mentally ill, and the impoverished, which needs to cease immediately.

I’d like to see minority faces on our currency. We are the only true world power that boasts a free state where anyone can come, live, and prosper as they search for happiness and various subsistive securities as a part of normal, mortal accounting.

So, the White House needs to change its name….today! It’s simply a House name, not the crime of the century or equivalent to the misrepresentation of “Jesus” as a Snow Bunny with facial hair.

And change is tough for America, so let’s go with Egg Shell, or maybe Mother of Pearl. How about Opaque? The name comes from a time when people were called savages and bipedal animals. It’s time! Along with Lynchburg, Virginia…America’s hidden  literal faux pa. Lynchburg…really? Every time someone says truth is objective because some thing or circumstance is just a symbol, figuratively smack the Hell out of them. Because if you believe that European Descendants will coexist in a Nation where they are relegated to being slaves, or to serving a tan God, then I have beachfront property on Pluto to sell, and you are a prime qualifying customer, buddy.

See, I’ve seen Masons, real Masons, not blacks allowed to face rank and be in a regional committee. Real Masons, Mormons, Catholics, do not express racial equality when it comes to leadership. I praise the L/G community for being the only group I haven’t seen pay so much attention to exclusion based upon skin color. But, I haven’t researched it, nor am I in that community as a participant, but surely as an accepting citizen in support of freedoms and rights obviously. Thank you gang…

But, I’ve seen Masons in public talking in code. I know the power and use of the number 3 permitted in every area of proposed life. Like when a white male is strolling along, and we see 3 fingers outside of his pocket. It means he is a Ku Klux Klan member, and he is allowing for others in the immediate surroundings to realize and notice his position. I’m sure a lot of free newspapers have been exchanged when minorities aren’t around…

But that’s America. She is quite the first Bitch! But once you know, Knowledge and Wisdom always equals Understanding. Therefore, we should cool it on the subliminality of an Evil Society.

I won’t talk about building fences. That’s so stupid that Bush and Trump look like idiots, because the reason you can’t build the fence is because the ones you need to build it are the ones you want to be on the other side of it. Plus, the MLB would have to curtail, and millions of landscaping projects would dissipate. Like placing blacks behind one and still expecting to field an Olympic Dream Team.

So,  I know the demonic, or Simple prejudicial components of the name of the home and property of our Commander in Chief.

I’m not a Trump person per se, and I think racism is ok, because you’re being proud of your own race. Fine! It’s prejudice that stinks and stings, because it makes your own American brother of varied a race your enemy. And I do think Trump is best as President to shake up the congressional pay raises, and holding Whites and Asians abroad as accountable to our terrorist tactics as we hold “Sand Nigger” Countries. The elderly woman  in Texas exclaimed before she told me she loves blacks so much, “Everybody should own one….” Thanks Texas! I’m sure Jesus is smiling knowing He is being referred to as a “Sand Nigger.” Still, I like him because Democrats subsist off of black impoverishment, and we deserve so much more. Asians have tax shelters, Jews have reparations for incidents that occurred in Auschwitz, not Chicago, Detroit, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New York, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and the entirety of individual statehood within our Southern Regions where we need to help our own since it’s our History of policy making and biased ideology that cripples those areas….and those important people! Fuck February, give me Respect!!

So, change the name, cut out the tomfoolery, and let’s be ready as a Nation, as a World for real threats coming out of the seas and Oceans one day. And since I know my words will be less impressionable than the political treachery of traveling overseas to kill brown babies based upon no apparent “weapons of mass destruction,”do me a solid. Before we change the toilet seats in the White House, which is guaranteed as a first accomplishment and issue I’d assume for the new administration. Well, fix the name so the ones of us who use our third eye can be impressed with a respectable future. At least we have cut out field trips to Plantations in urban school areas of Virginia. Thank God for small victories, right?


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