“The Inevitable Strife of Life…”

We all have a tremendous Cross to bear. God loves us, but we are proving our worth to the Heavens through choice, free will. Which lends to the proverbial understanding that life can be what you make of it.

However, all too often, we choose to see the glass half empty. The glass is never full or empty, it just a glass. A wonderful fabrication allowed to communicate the fact that perspective is the key to one’s reality. So regardless of your circumstance, changing your mind will alter your reality amongst this poetic and binary matrix we’ve been entered into.

What I mean today is, perk up. Raise your chin and ingest the oxygen required to solve the mysteries of life through the labyrinths of provided and acquired thought.

See, your troubles may be lies, bills, transportation, Cancer, etc… And as a child who lost a father to Brain Cancer, giving up almost seems like Truth. It seems, in situations of plight and despair, that there is no tangible answer, and although God may not be there when you call Him, but, He’s always on time. It may seem theoretically feasible, but not practical. Bipeds, human beings, we need to realize things can always be worse.

God lives in a void. He created time, hence, Father time, therefore when he answers prayer, time was only a construct to us. We are just a life on canvas, an illusion. The real Universal God is unfettered with the ideals of parameter issues, so His seeming tardy to us, is simply the correct time and venue for God’s guidance to be delegated into our lives holistically and literally.

So, when you’re feeling down, it’s natural, ok, and presents a canvas for learning concentrated and appreciated compassion. Man still doesn’t understand Love!

But think, ok, you’re in a tough spot. But even if you lose an arm, someone, somewhere, has lost TWO! Relax, breathe, look for a solution with the intelligence provided. God likes to work through our intelligence, because solving our problems for us will never provide the degree of self-sufficiency and personal pride of accomplishment that warrants the payment for free will. It takes the principles of tax money to arrive at freedom, and I will explain this in detail in another Blog.

But, on moments of betrayal and confusion, take the red light pointer and focus on others. Consider the fact that others are in turmoil somewhere, in some way. Always begin at home and then branch out to display compassion to others when your thoughts are consumed with sorrow. For those who hurt, but still have the composure to remember the instability of a neighbor, both figuratively and literally, will stir up emotion in your favor through  the corridors of Truth and Tranquility.

In other words, if you show a desire to forget your fears and attend assisting others with theirs, you will be rewarded with the answers to completely solve your own. This is where the adage applies: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”…or “I am my brother’s keeper.” I promise you, while Allah answers your concerns, the list begins with those who have enough love to help others. Just think, when you want a loan, don’t lending institutions refrain from permitting the transaction unless you have the same money already in an account, or embedded within personal collateral? Well, God is the Bank of Solutions and Compassion, and He loves to see that He is answering the prayers of those who share His devotion to the big picture.

Love others, especially when you are in turmoil, because triumph is a dictionary page away…figuratively!


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