Now, How ‘Bout Dem Cowboys…

So, I’m watching the Sunday night NFL contest pitting two black quarterbacks, Jameis Winston and Dak Prescott. Young brilliance in motion. As a former QB myself, it warms the cockles of my heart to see these young men take the torch from us, unknown fogies, who broke ground for them. We’re proud of them and cheer the results from what we older enthusiasts endured.

Leading us to my next Blog question perhaps: “When is Cris Collinsworth, the commentator and former NFL player, going to curtail his non-impartial views of black quarterbacks? Merril Hoge as well. But, it’s time to take prejudice away from the booth and the televised colour banter each game. 2017 fellas, let’s call it a resolution, and call it a Civil improvement.

Unfortunately, Racism is everywhere. So, let’s begin to talk solutions! Look, I just saw the Cowboy Defense in a new light today. I’ve lived in Texas, and even the Mexicans appear to be somewhat racist. That never happens…

But, as they jogged off the field and collectively sat on the bench, I saw the answer to racism…inclusion.

Sean Lee, the smartest and most efficient, bruising style, Middle Linebacker in the NFC, leads a top notch Cowboy defense, which may head to another Super Bowl birth for Dallas and Jerry Jones….and Jerry’s grandson, of course…

But, the cast that leads the charge, is mainly comprised of African American players, unless a few are actually African. And I mean all black. Lee must have been getting water while I was observing, because for a second I thought there was a sale on Newports. I mean not only did I feel like potato salad was somewhere close by, but I heard there was barbecue sauce on the 20-yard line, and one was so ferocious on the field. At least one of them expects commissary on Wednesdays after practice…

And David Irving is a Beast. Dollars to donuts, I bet he’s heard things like: “Put her down…you really oughta pay for that…can we have some chicken, too…and this is who you call to give a sample for the Judge.” I’m so bad…

Ok, comedy aside, they are a great squad with a bomb line and a Charlie Garner level back. But, what I saw wasn’t just hard working men in battle. I saw the Dallas Cowboys, in Texas of all places, being one of the best teams in the League with a black studded cast.

After this, Racism has absolutely no credence from me whatsoever. I mean country boys may miss it, sometimes, but damn, what a sight and feeling of change.

If you can’t do it for God or yourself, do it for the kids. K…


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