Everyday, not just for the Holidays…

The Holidays can suck! Family we argue with reappear, money is tight, the Xmas bonus is a myth, and if Santa comes down my Chimney, I’m having his ass arrested for breaking, entering, and for the treasonous plotting on Black man’s cookies!

But, it’s also a time for falling in love, seeing snow for the first time, and humping all day when The Government is shut down due to weather….

So being discourteous, tight lipped, doubtful, or curt, is understandable. But, as I’ve pointed out in other Blogs, concentrating on oneself can intensify one’s despair, making it necessary to escape that funk. And the best way is to help others.

Now, whenever I go out, if I see a homeless person, I give them my change, or a dollar if not more. Because I’ve slept under bridges and in abandoned cars, and being in that situation tells very little about why you couldn’t escape the clutches of misfortune. My father used to tell me that hitchhiking was dangerous, and never to feel bad about driving by them without stopping because they could be a killer, yes, but not mainly. Mainly, because a million people of that person’s same race have been passing them for hours.

Well, I don’t advocate riding with strangers in a world where Religious leadership and arms of our Government have been proven to have a hand in the Child Pornography enterprise.

But, I love how I feel when I  pay my bills, give money to the poor, assist the elderly, wayward, young, ill, mentally compromised, or homeless.

Just a buck. Or more. Like in Church. Better yet, I do not attend strip clubs. But I have. There are two types back East.

White strip clubs, rarely water the drinks, and smells like feet and mayonnaise…

Black strip clubs, Pussy hit you at the door, two laps around the stage and somebody’s already pregnant. Smells like Booty and Chocolate too!

But, in Both places, for a quick, cheap, visual thrill, we show up equipped with enough $1 bills to really fool someone.

Yet, when we pass someone on the streets, we judge them, and refrain from being our brother’s keeper. That’s ludicrous, not just wrong.

If you throw $40 on Pussy that you don’t own, cool. I’m never gonna be mad at manhood. But, isn’t it also being a man to assist others through the strength and power bestowed on all of us from free will and the US Constitution? We have a right to choose to help each other. Maybe a cigarette and a beer was what staved off another day from death in the hands of our prison system. It’s money, not water….not even the stolen Gold anymore.

So, I just think God has supplied all of us with exactly what we need to live compassionately, yet intelligently.

No one reading this appreciates a sexy ass more than I, believe me. But those who are down on their luck don’t need stress, or judgment. Save that for Bush, Trump, and Civil Wars.

You’ll see in time through maturity, that:

“You’ll always lose riches chasing Ass, but you’ll never lose Ass chasing riches…”

Next time you break a $20, help someone with $1. A friend called Karma will pay you a visit…3 fold!


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