“White Women Today,…All Women Always…”

OK, this is touchy, because Racial undertones are a fabric by which this Country, America, knits quite a tumultuous garment. And women play a significant role.

Women’s suffrage is great, yet excluded black women much like everyone remembers the Holocaust, but forgets the brown-skinned people and 20 million Russians killed, as well as the Jews that owned slaves. Which is also black on black crime since the Old Testament is mainly black people, SURPRISE, therefore Jews are originally Black! Let’s save that rant because I love my figurative Hebrew in-laws…

I remember my father telling me, “if you want to overtake a People, just overtake their women.” Allies, time, and loyalty become instant amenities for the victor. Killing the elderly, therefore eliminating the Truth of History, and teach the boys how to tax so they can be released as Garrisons to establish and perpetuate forced religious and political implementation. Makes Slave Owners like Thomas Jefferson, geniuses in a truly warped respect. Rape can’t be that much fun. From 11-year-old Pocahontas to the neighborhood Ministry today…Hurting others can’t possibly be fun.

I also remember the stories of my Ancestors, little girls particularly, both African and Native, being stolen and returned less a head in one extreme and known instance.

We depend therefore on our women, the main purpose for the Milky Way, to keep order and compassion through gentle approaches and the teaching of the powers of…compassion.

I love all women and will never commit the sin of claiming I understand the smart and sexy breed. But, being surrounded by women in my family and life, I can truly admit that I would not be 45 years old, were it not for women every step of the way.

I wish to apologize to women for the male participation in rapes, lies, tortures, and disrespect through time that other men commit. In fact, my trespasses as well. You are so soft, smart, sensitive, and we have the nerve to approach you, broke maybe, desiring sex…or worse!

Sorry for the time I asked you to change the tire in the rain.

Sorry for the time I announced at the counter of Lane Bryant that the finger sandwiches will be out in a moment…

Sorry for always parking at the Cafeteria entrance, and not the Emergency entrance when you’re in labor.

Also, sorry for the Cheeto handprint on the Nurse’s left Breast. I thought she was falling…


Keeping in mind, from before the Eden story, chix have also had the potential to Destroy as well…Hello Queen “Bloody” Mary…!

As for today, thank you ladies! Thank you Ma, Gma, Sis, Daughters, Friends, etc… Thank You for so much. And yes, every City has love, perhaps your significant soulmate lives in a neighboring Province, but we should honor and protect them all.

Nothing means more to me than our Beautiful Black Queens. Family, Society, Politics, Porn…I just Love Black Women…

However, as a former Athlete, I can attest to the fact that every race, every skin tone, eye color, height, foot size, anything we can invent to subjugate females, doesn’t matter because the prettiest chick you’ve ever seen is in every sub group, and in droves! Each religion and creed is potentially the bomb. Just ask American soldiers about the alluring nature of women involved in the Middle Eastern skirmish. Even with half of their faces covered, men instantly fall in love as if they were at a red light observing a judge’s daughter in Fairfax County, Virginia.

I want to take this time to say thank you, today, for the offerings of White Women. Not always soulful on a dance floor, yet crazy enough to try to be the best DJ you’ve ever seen. Leaders in spreading the beauty of pure English, and Mother of two of my own lovely and wise Children. Barrack is a Black Man, but “Barry” understands. Quite a phenomenal maternal figure, which created some of his politically accepted doorways.

Two specific instances comes to mind Nationally, the Underground Railroad, and Women’s Suffrage.

Without a History lesson, America has always been stingy with rights, yet hungry to preserve freedom. Well, Suffrage was necessary for all women’s freedoms, and should be applauded, even though the fairness of racial equality stifled any hopes of furthering women of a visible pigment. So it’s a thin clap, but I think, in time, it saves Black women from fighting twice because Black meant an entire group obtaining freedoms, and not announcing a second Suffrage Era to assist our long-awaited release from Bondage.

As far as the Underground Railroad, God bless all their souls, not just Harriet Tubman, but running through states, took assistance. That assistance came when white women would help to hide slaves from their husbands, and provide or assist with nourishment to keep the journey pushing forward that took years generationally to complete.

Thank You. That was a good look that time. My beautiful Black sistas have more than said thank you I’m sure over the centuries, raising so many white children as maids and the help, all the way to Condoleezza and Michelle teaching tact and diplomacy like so many Black Female Educators and Principals do daily.

So, thank you, beautiful, sexy, inventive, compassionate, descendants of The Cold.

Nothing really, just thought you should know I keeps it real for our futures!!πŸ’―

The KingπŸ‘‘


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