Short, Sweet & Honest!!!

Thank you, Sir!! Hail to the Chief!!…for Real!

Former President and Patriarch, Barrack Hussein O’Bama, for 8 years, has distributed jobs, released minority prisoners of non-violent and bogus sentences, provided Faith, not fear, returned our heroes home, refused to start wars to steal from other impoverished Nations, and/or kill Children abroad. He reintroduced Honesty and Decorum to the position of the Presidency, while Killing Bin Laden, a Black Man, proving his allegiance to America above selective racial prejudice, and kept his Dick in his pants, all the while raising beautiful and respectful black children with his loyal, well-Educated, Diva wife, Michelle, and the World may never see this Ever again!…    Believe me.

If Revelations is at the conclusion of the Bible, then we are still in the days of its stories and are therefore still headed toward a Fiery and perhaps Demonic future. So, ipso facto, the worst is yet to come… Even Oprah, Jordan, and Capone all combined, couldn’t bring a more positive respect to the City of Chicago or the State of Illinois, or the entirety of American History…or Hell, maybe the World!!

America, may never see another more honest, non-trivial, respected and respectful, father and true leader of pride and strength again!!

Thank God for O’Bama and for the Peace and Dignity he finally brought, and kept, within this corrupt Nation/Globe!!

With America’s History being such as it is, it took a bigger man than most to ignore and overlook the hate, murder, genocide, and racism that this Country feeds into, to ignore the threats of bigotry and provide stalwart leadership against all odds…

In fact, not only good for people, but good for America. Whites in general are not used to respecting black leadership in all honesty, as far as my travels have discovered, and we took it, allowed it, learned from it, and ultimately, have prospered indubitably and indiscriminately. Wait until the Vatican is forced to release the stolen pictures of the actual Black Jesus and Black Mother Mary. Watch how many White Christians jump ship!! Shhh…

Yes, O’Bama Care has helped so many of the non-rich, and, once expected kinks were adjusted, saved the Country Millions in a direct voyage to once again balancing our Republican-riddled economy. Yet, we put our differences aside long enough to equal the playing fields a bit and we owe that to Him…not Hilary!

It still tickles me pick, yes, tickles a Black man pink, that initially we exclaim the phrase “Obamacare” if we see a technological glitch, yet, once we realize the thought entered into its framework will eventually render prosperity for the poor, we change its nomenclature to the “Affordable Care Act.” It’s okay, I used to call Bruce Jenner my favorite Male Olympian. Funny how things can finickize once illuminated.

Way to set the bar as a great black leader, but Most importantly, as a real man and non-vengeful, plus forgiving, leader in general…Finally!!…πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸŽΆ

Our own Mandela!!


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