The Hawkins. Dietary System…

The Hawkins survival guide for a Healthier You, Inside and Out:

1. Drink water. No soda, less sugar in juices, less milk, no bread, only egg whites, no butter, less dairy, cheese only on salad.

2. No sweet tooth. Pie, Cake, cookies, we all cheat on it, but only if you walk, or excercise at the Gym on the bike for 30 min 3x a week… at least.

3. No meat!! Salad, and it’s ok to eat meat 2-3 meals a week, absolutely no pork. Ribs on special occasions 5x a year maybe. Bake, don’t fry, and stick to skinless chicken and fish. Choose the white meat first, and limit the crustatians of your religion or ethical constitution disallows. (Remember, feeding Seafood and Chocolate to children under 2-3 years of age increases their chances of being deathly allergic to these delicacies).  And bacon bits are fine, wrong, but we need a boost in our figurative mental endorphins, so salad stays delicious, if not palatable. And Salt takes a day off of your life every 50 meals. Use real Peppers (the brighter the better).  That dust we sprinkle on our food is for the birds…literally.

4. Pray or meditate a few minutes everyday. Just breathe in through the nose and out from the mouth and concentrate on only good thoughts, places, things.

5. Don’t eat late.

6. A little weed is ok, provided it’s not every day or 2-3x a day.

7. Drinking a 1/2 a glass of red wine every morning is good, and anything is better than beer for a woman’s health and figure.

8. Obey Dr.’s orders, try not to overdo Rx pills, stretch every morning and especially before exercise walks.

9. Only eat fresh ingredients and organic foods. 

10. Don’t rely on tap water. 

11. At least once a week, of possible, shower first, then sit in a tub of soap and bubbles…but don’t go to sleep!!/ for at least a half hour. Men don’t need this one as often.

12. Soup is ok, but stop frying altogether. Simmer maybe, but bake things. And one day a week skip 1 of the 3 meals, but always eat 3 small ones. Portions size and eating late are a heart’s two-sided nemesis.

13. Ease stress. Don’t gossip, avoid Facebook as a daily tool, trade television for reading, and take pride in your shoes. Not for aesthetics, but because your feet are how you stand up to life’s many challenges.

14. Last, but most importantly, whether God, the Universe in General, or Mastery of the self, believe in something higher than your own daily desires. It will develop a relationship with humility and develop the humble spirit necessary to accomplish the impossible…

R. James Hawkins.


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