Yee Haw…

Let me begin by saying, “Thank you, West Coast. Thank you for cops not following me around driving, like in Northern Virginia. Thank you for not making it an unwritten rule that wearing a hat going across the bridge, like in New York, an accepted faux pas. But, something occurred to me this morning that I must share.

Virginia, is the mother of the Confederacy. The Mason Dixon line runs through her, as Virginia, Georgia, Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma, Carolina, Maryland, etc…are all named after women or effeminate ideologies semantically, resulting in a tipping of the scales in American Justice for the Continental South and Southeast. Just a fact, not a jab.

And the black cross on the original confederate flag, represents black persons, on fire, flailing as if in Times Square, at lunchtime, years ago, for this fans oxygen to the flames, making the orange tint even brighter, and all versions of the Cross, Swastikas, too, being the symbolic opposite to the Circle or Cypher of life. Remember the Lion King, and stars, representing night, or Evil, for God made the Sun, which supports the photosynthetic growth of life, like the Statue of Liberty, who also praises night, as we don’t need a torch in the daytime.

I had to giggle. Because the South was not only Evil, but ignorant, as well. Because I don’t think they realize, that they were fighting the North. Richmond, Virginia was the Capital of the South, because their leader had to obviously be educated enough to control the Southern States. So, in Essence, the only reason the Southern Confederacy even existed, was because they accepted a Northern State, whom to this day, leads America in its levels of Academic achievement.

It’s hilarious to be that dumb. It’s like when, after the Patriot Act was adopted at 3am, à la the Baltimore Colts management sneaking out of town, this blatant momentum, urged President Bush, the most famous C- student in History, to build a wall to keep all the so-called Spanish out, but, then realized he couldn’t, because he had to hire those same immigrants to actually build the Damn wall!

Or when I was at 7-11, in Woodbridge, Virginia, and an old White lady was upset at the Middle Eastern cashier, on his first day, for taking too long and called him a “Sand Nigger.” Then turned to me and said, “Oh, no offense.” To which I immediately responded, “Well, if Jesus isn’t upset, then I won’t be either. See, we blacks tend to come together during racial crisis…” Oh, you didn’t know? Yeah, it’s pretty hot there in Jerusalem, so, um…Go ask your Grandfather. He’ll tell you the truth on the low. Shhh!!

Or even when the nice lady in Texas told me on the bus, “Sure you can sit next to me. I love black people….everybody should have one!!”

And I said, yeah, since racists are usually loudly ignorant, and one must be just as loud and ignorant to introduce humility to their lives. I responded, yeah, just like my Dick! I love my big black Dick! He’s always there for me. I never go anywhere without it. Everybody should have one! Ya know, even the elderly can get pushed down the stairs for saying ignorant shit. But, I had my retaliatory fun, and as my favorite saying goes:

“Oh, Goest from the foolish man, when thou doth not Perceiveth in him the Lips of Knowledge.!!”

See “Niggas” are hated in the South because we’re proud and tan.  We’re hated in the North because it’s cold, and whites there have never seen a Nigga before… It’s Grammatically impossible, especially without the -er at the end. What? “Nigga”…How can it be? There’s no quintessential -er. How should I pronounce it? Hell, it may even be on the SATs.

Just thought I’d relay a few thoughts to you, as I know exactly how Lex Luther felt in Superman, when Gene Hackman exclaimed, “I’m constantly surrounded by Idiots…”

Well, continue to read and examine my Blogs. As we have fun opening our mind’s Third Eye to the Truth, because together we can conquer, but à la Crayola’s Flesh-colored Crayon, divided, the bridge falls apart…”


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