To be White or Not White…

Living in America is a Trip. A trip to The Far Side. Poor Robin Quivers. Well, not exactly poor, but, I’m here, my Black Queen, to express what you cannot, I’m sure. It’s tough to be compassionate. Especially if you are of Color. The vast majority, nearly 75% of the Earth is pigmented. Yet, ironically, basically, all major World decisions come down to what a pale-skinned person decides. This isn’t just a European conception, because even in Black areas, Indian regions, and so-called Spanish countries, the lighter you are, the more reverence ones voice commands.

And so much collagen, ass implants, running to the beaches, or risking Cancer at neighborhood tanneries to become the color of whom we choose to despise.

I love Minister Farrakhan, Malcolm X, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and especially, the Professional Boxer and Prophet, Muhammad Ali, two of which I’ve actually met, but, do we listen to them because they’re Right? Or because they’re Light?

It would take all the trees on Earth to be cut and transformed into paper to catalogue half of the racism that I have faced, and that’s only in America. And this doesn’t begin to touch the subliminal, institutionalized, and subjugated events to which I’ve been unaware. My Third Eye serves me well, and God tells my Heart that racism is wrong, it is present, and it needs to Cease!

It’s funny, I’ve always known that our so-called Founding Fathers were prejudiced. How can you write that “All Men are Created Equal,” if you have Slaves at home, and indicate that Skin Tone is the Litmus Test of a Man’s character and/or percentage of Human Fiber.

We get so used to it in America. White is right, only white lies are ok, Jesus was the only Blue-Eyed and Blonde-Haired African kid.  And I’m not knocking talent, but, the Rock, and Halle Berry, definitely lose a few magazine covers if they’re darker skinned. Sounds like hating, but it’s all in fact.

It seems as if the so-called Melting Pot is actually a White Family sitting at the table to eat, and the cauldron being irritated is melting away the History of Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Indians, etc.

Some use their color for advantage, regardless of differences such as language. Asians pretend to speak less English to avoid confrontation, yet pay different taxes upon entrance here, yet open lavish restaurants with cuisine that may or may not be what is actually printed in English on the menu. Why are those chicken wings so Damn big, and where does that little Retarded leg come from? One thing I know very well as a Black Man is Chicken! And that ain’t it, delicious as it may seem.

Blacks are so busy looking for jobs and tangible opportunities, we are not usually respected here at all, it seems. Keep believing that Obama won the Presidency based on the kindness of White America. I almost Dare you!

Spanish, well, I doubt South America should even bear the name America, because we treat the entire continent like any other South Side of a major city.

Location, location, location!

I’ve never been, but, the closer you get to the Equator, and the darker one becomes, I guarantee that there are plenty of hidden stories where, were they lighter, respect would have at least been involved in the conversation.

And Indians, not the Third Eye Dot Indians, The ones that the History books don’t promote because they are part Asian and part African, but 100% non-European. I can’t ask them because as Archie Bunker would say, they’re being placed in freaking reservations, and in a reservation, even the elderly have a curfew. Terrible. Fuck Manifest Destiny!!

This message isn’t about hate. Hate just shows the ignorance or lack of knowledge one or a specified group holds for any chosen subject matter. But, I truly believe that our Melting Pot is a synonymous depiction of how those who are not white, making exception for those who pay their way for DMV acceptance, are subjugated to being seen as lower in Class. Thus, Melting Pot literally describes the melting away of Non-white Cultures, and not only that, but, it is a setting for devouring what is being prepared. A sizeable portion of the Pride, History, Memory, and Strength, of All Non-white Ingredients.

Did you know that the Statue of Liberty was a Black Queen from France? Take a common sense peek at her lips. That bottom one is a real soup cooler. Or that the U.S. Constitution was written on Hemp paper? George Washington was quoted as saying “Anyone who makes the cultivation of hemp illegal is inherently Evil.” And I’m not even smoking these days.

Dr. Leakey said the first man on the Planet was Black. Makes sense. But, do we have to become monkeys on the Evolutionary Chain because of this truthful information? I wonder if he was murdered for that discovery? And to accentuate my point about not being racist myself, but merely an observer of human behaviors, I’ll admit that my own daughters have said some of the most racially insensitive things I’ve ever heard. As they were mere tots, talking and thinking, mixed with compassion, were new to 3-4 year olds.

For example, when my first daughter was born, I had to explain to her white mother why it is indecent to call our child little monkey. We’re not together now going on 16 years, I hope you can see why. The courts never did. But, one day my daughter realized that Obama, Oprah, and Michael Jordan all called Chicago their professional home of sorts. Well, she came to me and said, Daddy, all three of them are in charge in Chicago. That place must be like the Planet of the Apes! I was mortified. But, a lack of education added to her representation of herself through her mother’s eyes resulted in this outburst.

So, à la a well-known neighborhood aficionado during my youth, Justice Thurgood Marshall pointed out, the deaths and wrongful incarcerations has taken a toll as the United States is persisted with White opinions and fear mongering, and it sets an example for the whole world to follow.

As a child, I could see that being Black is like being born into a second language. Gotta perform twice as well as the majority of whites to survive. But, if so-called minorities are the ones making so many children, how can this Country be so permeated with White representation? TV, Magazines, Jobs, Politics, Heroes, Gods, Opportunities, Everything, Everywhere. That’s not a lot of sex, Sir, that’s a lot of False Incarceration and Murder! This is a larcenous infringement upon the guaranteed, inalienable right of each and every American individual toward the promised concept of the pursuit of happiness.

The innateness required to watch Blacks Roast over a Fire in Times Square, Desecration of Colored Heroes each year, who make the same mistakes as their white counterparts in society. It needs to stop.

I’d say go to Church, but,  God isn’t in most of them. Just gossip areas for dating and admiring the education of the Minister. A pimp to the poor, quite often. Obviously,  you couldn’t be Christian if your Slave Master wasn’t Christian. But, is the fact that the coined Devil, was said to be banished into the Earthly Water, a sign that a Sinister-Man, could be a Minister? Or does the Water mean the pool pit? Why would you look for God in a Pit to begin with? And if Hell is said to have smelly sulfur, is that why we call them Pews? Later, you’re not ready for that, yet.

I don’t discuss Jews, Italians, or The Middle East, because they are all Original Africans and society has forced them to behave as if being whiter now, excludes them from the fact that the entire Old Testament is not only Blacks, yes Jesus, Moses, Noah, Mary, etc.. But, those very Blacks invited the Wrath of God, creating the pain and punishments we are tested with today. I never question God. Only Thank Him. The Real One. I tend to see life today as a present day menagerie of Babylon or Sodom and Gomorrah.

Kill one, You’re a Murderer. Kill Thousands, and you’re Bush. No, a Conqueror.

But, this isn’t an attack upon Europeans. Pure English is my favorite language, my children are bi-racial, and were it not for White wives, the Underground Railroad is less of a success. Truly needed those lights on and that snack bag along the way.

I love my white friendships, and the world fails were it not for not for All Races. But that’s exactly the point. Enough already. Let’s get along and above all, let’s play  fair.

My first experience meeting a cop was as a youth, asking for a ride home in the rain. You should have heard how he became Mark Fuhrman. Relax. I was told I couldn’t go to college, be a quarterback, write a book, go into space…well I haven’t done the last one yet, but we have. I just don’t think when a minority or woman gets into the rocket ship, the chances of disaster should rise so dramatically.

Let’s come together. Forget the blatant Flesh crayon color by Crayola, it’s wrong. White Education is undoubtedly very important, but needs to incorporate three things – the World majority in its decision-making, less outright lies, à la the Lie-brary, and real Respect as individuals, not victims of Roy G. Biv.

Also, slavery was bad, Genocide actually, but, sorta like Bush, Jr. used to offer, let’s show some National and Global Resolve. As for the  Holocaust, the murder at the Holocaust Museum in D.C.  years back, of the American African security guard, made me realize, America didn’t do that one. Holocaust was already in the dictionary, and that’s how we already knew what to call it.

The first faces to free most of the Jewish prisoners were Negro  Soldiers, as we decorated the front lines quite often – just to be treated with far  less respect than the German captives on the same train ride home. Pride Yourself, Love Your Race, Respect Family, and accept the challenges that God offers. Because guess what, America? One day out of the Heavens, or probably right out of our own Seas, will come a component of Danger and Prowess of Empowerment regulating through Turmoil, that will only be conquered by God, Jesus, Faith, and the strength of continuity and Human/Asiatic Nubian unity.

This doesn’t mean Melting Pot, it means a cohesion of our differences. Because one thing is for sure, the Fabric of Brotherhood depends upon one major concept. “Like me for my Strength, but, Love Me for my Faults.” Let’s come Together. Let’s be compassionate. And let’s remember Obama, Gandhi, and Mandela, not Hitler, Nixon, or Hoover. Hopefully dressed as a Man That Day, anyway…


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