Gay, OK?…or not….I think…

Growing up, being the son of my father, and grandson of the only Ordained Pastor that I’d blindly trust with babysitting my children,  it was easy to see that common sense, though not common, is an important delegate of the human psyche.

But pleasure and pain, cousins in romance as it were, and exemplified by the fact that we only fall into love, never do we aspire into it, is a demonic game in life. People are born to innate psyches, and it is possible to be born with both sets of equipment, and a juxtaposition of feelings and chemical sensibilities. In other words, male equipment and chick minds. Because all of us come into this world with the Yin and Yang or a Masculine femininity. It’s true. And depending upon your upbringing and the overwhelming appearance of one sex or another in your life, fears, chemical desires, and other life chance issues, we make blind decisions based upon dissipation of grief, pain, and judgment. If you are Gay, be Gay, who cares…. Guess what, America cares. But should they?

Plenty of people claim a sexual orientation, but haven’t even had sexual intercourse, yet. Silly. And probably too young to decide.

As a Black Man, it is frowned upon heavily in our society. When you need to fight, scratch, and overcome to get ahead, sex is a convenience of opportunity. We don’t go to shrinks or therapists too often to rework our ideals because the imaginary and non-tangibleness of needing to prioritize bills supersedes the drive to go snitch on yourself like Tony Soprano. If it truly worked for us, it wouldn’t take 100 sessions, or a constant requirement for us to tell what we think of ourselves, while the therapist essentially doodles for an hour and teaches you to solve your own issues, while ironically they are the one with the  degree. Mindplay is amazing, and like jails, needed in America and abroad, I’m sure. But like Prozac, everyone doesn’t need it!

Why does the race with the most money and therapists display the highest propensity to shoot up schools? I’ll work on that in another Blog…

But black homosexuality is on an upswing for two main reasons. Living in a European societal sensibility to choose sex over God, and so many of us coming out of Lockup. We have enough problems fighting the courts, from stealing our paternal respect in the home, tendering our children as victims of effeminate single parent households or tenements. Our children are raising themselves in America, grandmothers are dancing at the club, and our women are struggling to be superwomen, by handling everything alone and not understanding the fiduciary objectives of the court.

Each nonviolent prisoner costs pennies per day to facilitate, yet the government repays the institution in some instances fourfold. But an influx of prisoners creates a booming business as private institutions make a killing each day on each individual. Quite a business that Judges are smart enough to create. Scary. But I’ve been. And after a week, the COs alone, through women’s T-shirts and lady deodorant, begin a spiral of Ass-kissing that forces compliance, as self-preservation is a normal and natural call of life. When we leave, 3 weeks is bad, 3 years is crazy, and 13 years could change a soul’s understanding of God.

Now, I have Gay friends, family, etc. Love ’em. Not my business, really. To me, we make kids with sex, and so it is right. But no hate. And 3/4 of society tends to forget that the Bible teaches us how to avoid Hell. The word Bible literally means Death. And it discusses plenty of it. Like the Quran tells us how to live our lives. Both correct, both right. But Jewish scripture teaches us that there is a difference as to how to interpret it. There is a letter of the law, and a spirit of the law. And only 1/4 of us have a grasp of that ideology.

Now, I’ve only seen Europeans bash gays. Blacks tease them over the way they are hilariously dressed or being verbally flamboyant. But why risk blood…why waste time…why risk jail…or getting your ass locked up by someone in a dress? Yeah, black homosexuals sometimes come out of jail Cock Diesel!! But it’s not innate for the depressed to create depression. Not in black society, usually. And lots of times, white bashers turn out to be Gay themselves. Comedians know it. Actors know it. Boxers know it. The Clintons know it!

And my first joke is there is enough pink in the NFL now, I don’t know if I’m supposed to grab a cold beer or bake cookies. Oh, and it is said that homosexuals are the cleanest people on Earth, but if feces was under your nails after the temporary insanity of inevitable climax, you’d also want to alter the scent of the bedroom quite often. Truthful Jokes.

But two things I’m gonna mention here are serious. One, life isn’t easy. We each have a cross to bear. So, if you’re gay, fine, I don’t need to know, but I’m not anyone’s enemy. Just love God, and pass me the ball during the basketball game. I love my children more than myself, but remember, if you’re gay and adopt kids, they will be confused because they will realize at some point that they can never naturally emulate you and be like mommy and daddy. They will only be able to copy you through paperwork and government regulations, which creates crisis, unwanted attention, and therefore more confusion. Disney proves cartoon animals can raise kids, mentally challenged couples raise kids…but should they all the time?

And I guess I should fear this conversation. Psychologists suggest that the cycle of serial killing has two main ingredients. Homosexuality, and Alcohol. You figure that out. Men with the propensity for vengeance is a dangerous thing. I don’t want enemies, slim, it’s a Blog. Take the rape and murder kit out of the trunk and go read a book. But I’m an old-fashioned man, a real one. So I’m dumb in some areas, and I’m a child of God in all of them. Very imperfect, but trying to make a difference. Because Revelations is the last chapter, and we are still on the Bible, then logic will tell us that our decisions are leading us to travesty, not staving us from it.

And women. God bless you. All the  wives of politicians who live secret lives. Therefore, the children and social presentation. God bless you. Makes me consider, if they lie to their family, won’t they lie to you?

Plus, lesbians have no life-creating tool to spread disease. They’re women, yo. A group of women can walk down the street holding hands. Men probably shouldn’t. Creates a problem when the burglar breaks in, and no one knows who should get out of the bed to protect the homestead.

Lesbian sex is figurative. It’s an emotional or playful attempt at mental and physical release. It’s different. Like men shouldn’t breastfeed. Yes, even you, Caitlyn. Actions like that is why his-her young borrowed daughters have stripper poles in their bedrooms…on TV….I hear.

But, realize this. The main center of a human’s immunity matrix is imbedded on the guts…generally. Sorry gas, one job…impregnate or create life. Swallowing it is cool, but cannibalism. It is what it is.

But, when a man cums in a man’s ass, the sperm tries to create life. And like a child of incest, genomes are confused, yet go to work anyway like a laborer on a snowy day. And a life is created. And Like Jeff Goldblum said in Jurassic Park, “Uh, life, Uh, life finds a way…”

That genetically insufficient and monstrous calamity is a real life, going around finding hosts and breathing its ugly breath on cells with a vengeance and a human-like strength and doesn’t quit. In fact it evolves faster than we can describe, so fast, we gave it a name like we do people who are born, and this name is HIV/AIDS…

So, please, it’s a Blog, I think God loves us all, and if Blacks can be said to be 2/3 of a person in our own constitution, then I can try to help through tough love.

I just stick with God. And everyone, AKA the South, that says they love or understand God is not always in your favor. Remember, money, a familiar root of Evil, says other than a note of tender, and cuts down on the amount of Earthly oxygen we Asthmatics need, States very clearly “In God we trust.” But the word in is a proposition. So, it isn’t included or respected during the conjugation of the sentence or statement. Mammon over God. Money over the Soul. Like Sprite commercializes, image is nothing, meaning God, or Im-age, or Father Time is to be ignored. They say, desire or thirst is everything. Satan is amazingly smart and if I’m correct, Satan knows the Bible better than its writers, to include entire Biblical chapters that lie hidden within Vatican secret vaults, next to the true African illustrations of Jesus and Mary. Tom Hanks hasn’t starred in that film, yet.

One trick of demonicism is lying to you to your face. Truth needs no lie. But, a lie works better when it manipulates The Truth.

Read my Blogs. Take a journey with me. Because life has taught me one main thing. Truth and compassion are all we need, Life was created perfectly, but it’s up to us to challenge the person in the mirror enough to make the necessary decisions to assist each other now, so, in Heaven, we are trusted to further the intended order of Universal Xanadu…👑🇺🇸


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