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We’ve got to stop lying to our children. They are going to face real enemies and unknown forces in the future, and their main catalyst for solution will be an age-old adage: “To know one’s future, one should know one’s past…” Ignorance of True History will doom our future generations to repeat it.

Holocaust, Slavery…when these genocidal atrocities took place we already knew what to call them, because they were already in the dictionary. And they can recur – and will recur, as long as information is not transferred with Tact of Truth, not only Decorum of Appeal.

When folks ask me why I call myself a King, I answer in two ways. First, during America’s acquisition of Slaves, many of us were descended from Royalty. Many! But, even if it was only 3%, do you know how many Slaves there were in the United States over hundreds of years? Forget about the fact that every major European Czar, Mein Führer, and Explorer killed Blacks, Africans, Darkees, Niggers, Moors, Coloreds, Sand Niggers, Sicilians, and the other 700 names I’m sure we only hear if we’re in the woods or in shackles. Some are even funny, and even I giggle despite the lack of either education or compassion that would bring forth ignorances such as these.

Second, because I have 3 Beautiful young daughters, whom I call Princesses. Well, if we can tell them lies about Santa and the Easter Bunny, why not give them Truth that aids in forming a self-worth full of pride and responsibility? Trust me, it works because they’re all receiving straght-A marks, since they’ve realize that this is how a Princess behaves.

And let’s take a hat off, because today, Italians and Jews refuse to keep it real and claim their African roots, trading a whip for an income, understandably. But let’s face it, Hitler alone killed more Africans than Jews, and probably tied with Columbus, with regards to who collected and wore the most severed Ears on their cloaks, as they also kept a collection of Black hands and digits as trophies.

Hats off to the Sicilians, whose story will be told in time, my friends. Activities such as the purposeful burning of the libraries of Alexandria, and removal of the obviously African nose on The Sphynx is irreprehensible.

Reparations? Hell, with the separation of our Patrilineal homes and incarceration percentages, Black Fathers are  lucky to come home and get the Big Piece of Chicken, à la Chris Rock. I’ll keep February and the Heavyweight Title. Thank you, Jack Johnson. But, Word Life, yo, I am Asiatic, but certainly not Coblinasian!!

Today’s ideals, come from a serious place. I’ve studied Theology for quite some time now, in fact, most religions in America, and the Truth is definitely hidden. And just like eating better, ceasing to use cigarettes, and exercise, when unified,  can all heal the body of many ills, Truth can be a powerful elixir and agent to regenerating and improving the condition of the soul.

God is good, but fair. “Footprints” is exactly right. And since the mistakes of the Africans throughout the Old Testament, God doesn’t aim to destroy and punish. He carries us, and if we beseech Him, or disobey obvious righteousness, he removes His protective hand, giving our “Free Will” the freedom to fail and fall stemming from  our own accord. As we ask for things and give him time frames, can we truly admit to changing immediately when he asks the same of us? He doesn’t Hate, or Sin – just simply lifts His enabling hand when we feel as if we know more than He.
Benevolence, ultimate wisdom, compassion, Mother Nature… all inventions by the Omniscient One. God is not His name. It’s His job. Allah is His name. In fact, the word law is really lah, and that’s where the laws (lahs) of the unbreakable Prime Directive  Universe were originated. Rules are made by man and made to be broken. But 2•2=4 and 2+2=4 is a principle of fact, and therefore, an unchangeable postulate of eternal law…in this plane.

Real quick, God creates opposites. Satan was inevitable. But, the Cypher of life represents 360°. It never intersects. It’s purest opposite is always intersecting, known as the Cross. So it’s the Cypher of Life, and/or the Cross of Death. The Word Bible literally means Death. And Jesus spent a lifetime teaching us how to avoid this certain doom.

To  prove this, a circle is 360°, and everything in life appears in Polar opposites, right? Ok,? Well, a Cross has 4 perfect quadrants of 90°, totalling 360* as well. Quintessential and quantitative opposites, and I’m probably dusting Satan’s toes, which I don’t wish to do, but, God tells my heart to inform the World of Truth…so here we are.

If you properly, in present hand, write G, O, and D and then scrunch or superimpose them together, you get a circle with a cross in its center. And transversals and swastikas are also crosses, whose quadrants have a mathematical summation of 360°. This is obvious. Satan works through semantics, which is why the pen traps the mind and has enslaved us all in lies for so long. Why we greet each other with Hello ( Hell before the Cypher), and say it’s both hot as Hell in the Summer, yet, cold as Hell in the Winter.The Sword is merely Checkers, while Chess, is the game of brilliance.

In fact the word “God” displays the poignancy of truthful reasoning and inevitability. Lou Holtz, a former football coach of mine,  used to always say, “Gentlemen, Have a sense of urgency!” Well, here, time is not within our Matrix or control. God lives in a void above our understanding of Time and Space, and as we live in an illusion with sensory additions, we’re no more than an animate drawing, where if we did the same process on canvas, where Bugs Bunny or Wiley Coyote can come back to life, yet, in his infinite wisdom, we, humans and Asiatic Nubians, cross over into the Great Tomorrow.

Remember back when books preceded and superseded television?  When reading was a fundamental privilege,  and a mainline tool of both Church and State, to frighten the masses into obedience? And the covers of great books didn’t have impulse purchase appeal in the grocery store. Famous writings, teachings,  and stories were calligraphized  without anything on the cover. Well, then remember this quote forever: “If you don’t know the Title of the Book, you don’t know what you’re Reading. But, if you don’t know the History of the Author, you don’t know what you’ve read.”..

My short basketball career at Notre Dame University afforded me the opportunity to speak to many brilliant people. Paul Hornung, Joe Montana, Ronald Reagan, Dick Vitale, and later Jessie Jackson and George Welsh, to name a few, at the University of Virginia. Digger Phelps, the Men’s Head Basketball Coach  at IND, explained to me that as a point guard, I should study the person I am about to guard in an upcoming matchup, to determine their proficiencies, habits, and mental propensity to telegraph certain goals. Of course as a dumb kid, I thought he was pushing it a bit. But, it was pure genius! And if you ever want to learn about that little Black boy Jesus, study the word Christ, but if the book has a “C” or an “R” inside of a circle in the pre-pages, that means the Government has stamped it to be acceptable and the Truth has been subjectified.

Not to scare you, but God doesn’t need woman to create man. We are all born into original sin, and if Jesus was just God’s son, what is amazing about God’s son behaving in a positive manner? He died on the Cross and turned away the Devil, a motherly representative, shhh!!. She loved him, needed Him. But Jesus turned on Satan for God and man. Now that is amazing and guess what else…Christ Worthy!! He was the King of the Jews, yes, but doesn’t that still mean the King of Everyone, namely all kings and religions? Michael Jordan was the King of the NBA, but diesntbthat autonatically make him the King of the High School Teams and the outside courts as well? He was the Son/of Man, not only of God. We are all Gods Children, but the word Son is referring to the bright light of Gods direct Wisdom that He is shining on all of our mental Temples. That’s why we call the area which houses the brain’s frontal or Temporal lobes, our  facial bone Temples. Religion is a “re-legion” of Truth within oneself. Exemplified by the mention of loving in the image of God as the self. Chaining He was only attacking one group, race or religious, is blaspheme, plain and simple. I’d refer to the Dead Sea Scrolls or additional chapters if the Bible, but, unfortunately, these items have disappeared like the mysterious sock did in the OJ case. If a foot was in it, it wouldn’t have had the same stain on both sides, right? Well, the Truth of corruption by Church and State  are also a victim of Tom Foolery in these original manuscripted documents surprisingly turning up to be missing…

Forty days and nights turning down the temptations of Sin and a Home in Hell. Think, 3 days on the cross, 3 days in the cave, 3 days in Hell, with the keys to its gates, immediately going there upon Death, 33 years alive, Blood as  tears, water for Blood when bleeding, etc. Earth is a watery banishment, so walking on water is a given for Him. Before Christ, After Dead, so when did he live? Pulpits (pool pits) to praise Him…Pits, really? The first time I saw a Dracula film I told my mother, in church, on communion Sunday, that just like we eat Jesus’ body and drink his blood…Dracula does the same thing! We rarely realize that he hung with criminals and thieves. But that was the population that needed his guidance. What help do the Perfect require? Food for thought.
Believe me, we only accredit His color to symbolism because of His name’s ability to evoke power through brainwash. Review Denzel’s performance in “The Book of Eli”. It’s the entire premise of the film. Trust me, once the Vatican slips and releases the originals of the actual Black Mary and Jesus images, those brilliant likenesses of historical Black leadership will tender a dropping of the entire Christian religion by Europeans. It will crumble the entirety of the Royal Family and discredit the Bloodline of the Crown. Even Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg couldn’t reverse the inherent damage. Like Terry Bradshaw said when he was originally drafted, “I ain’t playing behind no Nigger!”

Also, the Knights Templar weren’t protecting theTruth… they were protecting the European dissemination and perpetuation of lies. And these are not little White lies, as if that makes a lie acceptable to begin with. Our entire present day Civilization is conscribed from these Ancient Doctrines. Believe me, God cares. Jesus cares. These aren’t the opinions of George and Gracey, Oh God: Book 3, the filmstrip. This one will result in a shift of correctness, Truth, damage control, punishment, and Life, both here, and after death!

So, these crosses represent death. If your son was shot to death, would you wear a gun around your neck, shown on your flag, atop your place of worship? Then why for our Savior? It’s time for Truth. And I’m here to give it to you, My Child.

Wanna learn about Jesus, first understand that lies come from Gideon, King James, etc. Learn your author, and use your heart. Remember, a Christ means born of Evil, but leading others to do good. But an AntiChrist means born of good, but leading others down the path of demonic destruction! God puts Truth into your soul naturally, innately. Don’t become Dazed by Day, or Weaker by the Week. It’s a Plan, and for our Children, for our Futures, slip into your A-game, Baby…Rah Jamesse Allah has your back…Always…

Why a last name like Allah? Well, if Blacks can be Jeffersons, and Washingtons, for their Master, the calling Allah tells you right out of the gate who I serve, Obey, Honor, and call, My Master, and Holy Father.
Rah Jamesse Allah


R. James Hawkins


The King…👑🇺🇸


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