What’s up, Doc…?

This is a quick note to our Physician and Medical Community, to include Shrinks, especially out West, who work out of their homes barely regulated. Enough on the Drugs. These kids are either suffering, and don’t know it, or harming others incessantly.

Shooting up schools needs to stop!! But, everything in life is for a reason. And the patented response in non-White communities that “White People are Crazy” is very Stupid to say…

I know it’s a joke, due to several odd crimes, but it’s a fact that Europeans outnumber other specific races in America. It’s just as ignorant as saying flying is the safest way to travel, when there are so many more cars on the road, and people survive car wrecks much more often than plane crashes.

So, if “Crazy” isn’t the convenient answer, where should we go from here? Yes, there are too many weapons in too many private homes, and too many parents who ignore the dangers of instilling amorous gun-related relationships within the psyches of their children. Black Powder, so to speak.

Yes, weapons are cool for protection, but that’s the logic that brings more crime. America has more prisoners and criminals than several countries around the world combined. But in many ways that is because America is a police state with so many police and rules predicated upon an expectation of creating wealth for legislators, that the crime is the result and the municipal attitude is the problem…and unfortunately, not vice versa. If you tell a child he is dumb enough he will believe it. So what do you expect when spitting on the sidewalk could get you life due to a third strike or 6 months minimum on a sure conviction…Virginia? Texas? There goes perhaps my right to vote, and unless Daddy works at the Pentagon, forget about ever passing a Background Check ever again in this lifetime!

And yes, the Country was won with the gun, but our history here has no room to lead by example.

There are reasons for everything. How many times do Blacks kill for stepping on each other’s shoes or drive-by shootings? Not as often as you’re led to believe, but one incident is too much. There are plenty of catalysts for this, including Drug use, and a lack of Education, leading to a loss of viable opportunities. The scales are tilted, ’tis true. But, it is what it is, unfortunately. Still, Stop it, yo!

Whites have reasons for loony activities too, though. Like how many police reports state that a White home had a break-in, and it’s recurrent in specific lofty and affluent regions, creating a need for expensive security services? What is apparent, that security agencies won’t mention, is that rich people and generally Europeans buy lavish homes and don’t carry the same constitution when it comes to curtains as other cultures. I know Black Peeping Toms exist, but I’ve never heard of one being arrested for illegal activity in a Black area.

If you ask the rich why they don’t have curtains on the several windows showcasing their belongings, on display for those who have klepto tendencies driving by everyday, they respond by stating that they have nothing to hide. Yeah, that’s because you have nothing left! Get off the high horse and purchase some Damn curtains. Just a tip.

Now, this may help with the Archie Bunker level understanding that bullets are better than police. I still laugh about the episode where Archie says we should pass out pistols to all the passengers on the planes. Hilarious…dangerous, and dumb!

Obviously, kids shoot up schools because they are able to obtain guns from home, or the homes of friends. But, there is more to this issue. Much more…

We live in a country where we actually trust politicians. Mistake. But who do we trust next? Judges, Referees, Ministers, Teachers?…So many on the take.  But Doctors? We love to trust Doctors. And since Blacks were poured into the White Economy after the curtailment of segregation, Black Doctors were generally viewed as less favored for a while. We can count the Ben Carsons on one hand as an observation, but even Asiatic (India/Asia), Doctors have more clout in this area of the World, it seems to me. So silly. And interesting. Integration did a good thing as far as Unity, but it destroyed neighborhoods that catered to Black Teachers, Doctors, overall Values, etc. More than you understand, every race automatically expects to die in better hands with a White doctor. Right or wrong, it’s America.

Well, this ties in to our topic. Because so-called minority children are less susceptible to the same Shrinks, Treatments, and Diagnoses as White children. Like a White child should expect to hear more SAT words in the home growing up than minority homes. Hell, if we have both original parents, we call it a win. Yet, It’s OK to be different. Black two-parent homes typically choose not to send their children to mind alterers anyway. Black parents definitely have less confidence in allowing prescription drug use within their children’s lives, before and during adolescence. But kids are still dying in All-White American towns and cities, why?

Well, of course Drug use is a factor. Yes, White kids take drugs too. In fact, of you wanna catch a counterfeiter, find out which kids have fathers who work where money is made. The Bureau of Engraving and Printing, FBI, CIA, they’re the only ones who know the secrets of which paper is current, where the hidden additives are, and which changes have occurred on new money. Common sense, doesn’t take a Quincy or a Kojak.

Well it’s the same with Drugs. Our own government puts drugs on the street. In all Urban societies, the best street drugs comes from areas literally blocks away from the local police precincts. Because the drugs come from the Government. Blacks and Hispanics don’t have the money, time, freedom, or helicopters, to transport poppy or cocaine from overseas to here. We don’t swim, we don’t fly planes, and many of us are on papers, so we don’t have a passport. The way we try to kick Spanish out, we keep blacks in. So much money is made on incarceration. It’s a cycle of ignorance with the drug situation, and if you went to the trouble and expense of traveling overseas to fetch illegal drugs, and as a government official you’re allowed to live above the law, wouldn’t you keep an eye on where the drugs are, and use the peons involved to secure your monetary gains once it’s here?

During the Last Bush Administration, samples of sewage in poor areas of Washington, D.C., we’re regularly examined, and samples collected to see which Drugs were being exited through waste disposal to ascertain where The Government was making the most money on its own poor citizens. A diabolical inventory of sorts. Just weeks into office The Bush Administration busts one of the largest cocaine shipments in history. They really got right down to work immediately. Only it wasn’t for any war on drugs, it was to cop the supply for their own distribution. They basically robbed themselves. OK, enough on Bush, he was who he was, and now he is gone. But if you knew the truth of  911, the Canadian grids, Katrina, or our weather control capabilities, well, if you truly had a heart, you’d probably defect.

My point is that the Government creates Crack, Ice, AIDS, and therefore the children of these laboratory geniuses are making the Meth, and the LSD…like Dad like son.

Shucks, I once got in trouble for using a Centrifuge to make breakfast. But, I failed half the quizzes when it came to real science. I asked an urban kid once what his favorite color was, and this cat said Bar-b-Que. Many more White kids are on drugs, because, well, there are simply more White kids. There are entire States I’d wager with more Blacks incarcerated per capita, than are roaming the State working and living free. Lots of states. Blacks live by Water. In Cities! To cook with, clean with, and have a power source.

Here’s my Theory. Remember when it was the public chatter that too many Doctors are prescribing Prozac, Ritalin, Oxycontin? Well, it occurred to me during an epiphany, that these children grow up dependent upon these drugs, continue prescribed drug use well into adulthood, and use the same principles in their philosophies of raising their own kids. And the fault is on the Doctors. They are ruining entire generations and forcing the natural response activity on the brain to lose patience and the confidence of realism in exchange for immediate solutions, which do not take into consideration the consequences of their actions.

Crack Babies is an obvious calamity. But the real killer is being high and having the dangers not be as obvious. Like weed is illegal and never killed anybody. But alcohol is in 7-11 and during Annual High School Prom nights, we’re losing thousands of potential Future Presidents, Doctors, Lawyers, loved ones….young lives!! The Government doesn’t care. The Government says that 3 people have to die in Virginia at a specified four-way crossing before a stoplight can legally be implemented. So we need to solve this one ourselves.

And Blacks get guns from Whites. I’m 45, and I still don’t know how to load a gun. I praise the Asian culture for that one. We only look at Blacks with regard to gun control, and the solution is easy. If you want Blacks to stop having guns – stop making them. We are an obtainment-based people. “Slaves to riches” is an unseen credo. We like guns because of style. We rarely fear burglars the same way other races do. We have  to fight to get shit, we’ll gladly fight to keep shit. But killing is innate, and needs to stop, Globally.

Blacks push fashion, so unless you can make a gun with spinners, the problem can dissipate with less emphasis on the clout attached, instead of a negative stigma.

I will never spank my daughters. But, if I ever see them with a gun or drugs, I will. And if you get shot for being unarmed, other than probably being Black in the first place, smile. You can’t take this stuff with you, anyways, and I’m sure God will bring you into Heaven for your pain and suffering. Be righteous, take the high road. It could take time, but if each of us Masters ourself, the result is a safer neighborhood. Then, a safer collection of neighborhoods will tender a safer State, then Country, then World. But, it at least has to be an objective. No more guns…dummy! Haha.

So, where is this coming from? Well, I’ve noticed changes in young Black sexuality. America is shifting. And it’s illegal to disagree, if not immoral by today’s standards, so, whatever. But, I figured single parent homes and incarceration rates play a part because no dad and no pussy means no common sense control from the standpoint of Biblical normalcy. “Honor thy father” and “be fruitful” are jokes. They went out the window with “Obey” in wedding vows. We need to cleave into our husbands by the way. An offshoot point. Men are feeling lost and unsupported. A real Queen, of a deserving King, doesn’t yell at him and aim to know his social security number. A real Queen is humble and supportively memorizes his Blood type so she can ride or die for her Hero. Let’s keep it 💯!

But if White parents are receiving drugs, legally from physicians, at alarming rates, and passing this accepted behavior to their young, watch out, baby. School shootings will only be a microcosm of gunplay stupidity. My prayers go out to Patrick Tillman. Friendly fire? Really?

To give you an example, I went to a Middle School Basketball game recently, and what I witnessed scared me so bad, well, that I’m writing this today. When I entered the little gymnasium I overheard a staff member say that as a punishment for a previous misbehavior, the kids were disciplined by forcing them to wear pink jerseys. Well that’s institutionalized wrong. But, when I immediately overheard a player’s mother say that real men wear pink, I thought I was in DuPont Circle!

Then, the “Coup de Grâce”, forget the kid I saw doing cartwheels on the court during the action….literal cartwheels. But, I actually witnessed one boy brushing another boy’s hair on the bench. I’ve been locked up, and was on edge about that one. And what’s worse, the one brushing… turned out to be the team’s best player. What the Hell is going on America? A President who is accused of humping his own daughter, and now beauty products may be needed for timeouts during basketball games? Is there a line?

When I was playing, if I would’ve even told a joke about any of those displays of athletic disrespect, much less acted them out, my mother, not even my dad, my own Mother would’ve given me pom-poms for a birthday gift. My father would have just left me at the school after the game, ignored me, and took somebody else’s kid home to raise! And received overwhelming sibling support!! I may actually be in the twilight zone.

I knew Bush being a college cheerleader was worse than his admittance of a former Coke habit. He was voted into office, too. Maybe from now on instead of disqualifying felons from voting, we only let them vote. Seems to me that the decisions if the status quo is proving to be status wrong, after Nixon, 2 Bushes and a Trump.

Needless to say, I calmed down and looked for reason. And I found it, I believe. Drugs!! All these kids and parents are flush with legal drugs geared to change their metabolic chemistry resulting in shifts of logical thinking. We’ve got to do something about this…immediately. But, until we do, please lock up the gun racks. I don’t care if Jeff Foxworthy needs it open to write a new joke, children are dying here. And in Colorado especially, lock up the liquor cabinets. I get the feeling it could be Dodge City there, soon, if we’re not careful, yo.

R. James Hawkins.



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