White and Black…

My latest rant is very important to the structure of tolerance and change in America. Gay marriage is one example of tolerance, change, evolution of thought. However we feel, we must accept that time evolves, alters, matures. Not always good, not always bad, but constant. And essential to the fruition of time itself.

It’s time for all sides to swallow mixed-race relationships. We hide it, with Charlton Heston and Elizabeth Taylor playing Moses and Cleopatra on TV. Like Jim Carrey said…Fiction can be fun!! Hollywood is great for White morale, and I respect the attempt at beautiful story development – I just hate the blatant lies of characterization. Mel Gibson, a White Jesus, Dawg, really?

But, as a father of 2 mixed children, a Jewish grandfather, Asian nieces, and a Seminole maternal base, I’m that octaroon that George Jefferson used to call his own granddaughter. Shame. But, a sign of the times. Well, it’s time to change. Light is right, darker the berry, sweeter the juice, ok, but it’s not so black and white now. So let’s forge forward.

I remember having to sneak around to date White chics in school so their dads wouldn’t see us, or worse, his moose lodge buddies. She can’t tell her friends, and my homies can’t get past the fact that vaginas are pink, not decorated in colors because they exclude cream in the coffee or whatever helped them sleep. You know what helped me sleep after a rough game against a crosstown rival…sex! Climaxing was/is King, and of course you don’t want to go blind like Father O’Malley told you at 11, so yeah, the entire crayon box was eligible for me. I’m an equal opportunity employer when it comes to romance, yo.

I saw a movie last night. Get Out. Great story because of its Truth. Overly predictable for Black males, but smooth upon plot delivery, as it was not the Southern racist issue at hand, it was more the Northern experience where we’re hated from a lack of familiarity with, or knowledge of, the Black experience. America is saturated with White charisma, life, language, ways. But the South is inundated with Black presence. So we are despised everywhere, but up north, where the ground was too cold and hard to grow cotton,  we may have a shot to blend into the fold and squeak out a tad of opportunity. Unless we’re all locked up to there, too…

But, the movie touched home. And as a father of mixed children, I need to draw a line in the sand. Let’s not build a wall for Spanish-speaking individuals urging to become citizens, let’s build a fucking wall for prejudiced bigots who refuse to let the ignorances of yesteryear dissipate into a huff of wind, which can then ride itself straight to Hell. I know you love your parents. I do, too. But, if they hate based upon race, it’s time for some good old-fashioned tough love.

When I was in High School, and I rarely lost sporting contests. I’d head to the party with the guys and 80% of the time there were no parents. So if you got along at school with the resident kid, you got into the party. But, once in a while, the mom would be there, and it rarely made a difference. Most moms were even eye candy. Shout out to the Montclairs and Lake Ridges. But, in the event that the father was home, 95% of the time Blacks were only allowed in of you were the help, the entertainment, or the neighbor. I’ve left numerous shindigs, because as quarterback, I was accepted  enough to enter, but my friends who accompanied me could not. Dismissed  Rudely in fact. Witnessing this carries a pain that “Get Out” tries to convey.

And a thumbs up on the hypnotism aspect in the film. Lou Holtz used to hypnotize the whole football team before our games at Notre Dame University. Seemed odd, but Blacks don’t attend shrinks as kids, so we don’t usually grasp the importance of mind control. I’m sure our armed forces have dabbled in this arena for years.

But, why do we think mixed races began yesterday? Perhaps the oldest profession was assuredly a Black patron, as starting a promising prostitution ring requires real Ass!!

But, if Black kids knew that Cleopatra was Black, the Statue of Liberty was Black, Hannibal and the real 300 was Black, Jesus and Mary, etc., we might begin playing on an equal surface, and with respect comes opportunity. The opportunity to bury the hatchet and let our young people date as they choose. Yes, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, it’s not unconstitutional, after years of Amendments that is. But, letting us/them do taxes together, buy homes together, attend church together, drink at fountains together, sleep together, cry together, go to prom together – it’s ok, it’s the only way your silly asses will have a chance to go to Heaven together. And if you still think money or racism exists in Heaven, well, you’re missing so many points as to what America was supposed to represent.

And the children are so gorgeous, it’s like a sign to back away and let a little beauty happen by chance. Love and romance is just that, chance. No more putting a strong Black Buck with an ornery buxom thang to produce the type of children that will produce NFL potential in droves. No sir! Now, we should know that the Hatfields and McCoys were opposing races with the Hatfields being Black and fighting for respect like Tennessee to Texas was the Gaza Strip. In fact, one McCoy, Black gentleman, was so good at copying any writings, drawings, illustrations, or portraits, that when he was completed with a piece, it was considered to be more detailed and polished than the original. This is the reason today that if someone says it’s the real McCoy, this is a throwback statement meaning something is so perfect that it has to be the original, or a duplication that surpasses the quality of the original work.

My mother has 5 grandchildren. And only one is of similar parental race. It’s amazing. Just a fruit bowl of love and laughter.

So, without talking you to death, don’t pretend to be a beloved Kennedy, and pretend that lobotomizing a family member is the answer to jungle fever. Yeah, I know about that, just like Clint Eastwood just may have a Black child or two…in theory. Haha. You didn’t hear it from me. Jefferson and Wesley Snipes are just the prominent examples. We’re all people. Human, Asiatic Nubian, Original Nubian, American. Roy G. Biv baby. Let the prism of white light and understanding be broken down so that we can appreciate all of the wonderful secrets, which will render success for ourselves, our children, our survival, our ways of life, and our Planet, allowing a forge forward on a ship of hope and accomplishment for our global posterity for Ever and Ever….💯

All praise goes to you Allah…😇
And to most… Amen.👑


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